Exercise Calorie Calculator with Chart

This activity calculator gives you a rough idea of approximately how many calories a particular exercise activity burns, you can use the calculator below. It is especially useful for those who do not use gym equipment (which generally calculate the calories), as it provides an indication of how much calories you may be burning. If, you are exercising outside, a heart rate monitor is a great, inexpensive addition and depending on the model, may measure how many calories you are burning.

The Activity Calculator’s main purpose is in allowing you to compare the calorie-burning capacities of different exercise activities. This can help you choose an activity that you wil enjoy, but that is also an effective calorie burner.

Enter your weight. Then enter either the length of time you wish to exercise or the amount of calories you want to burn.

Remember that this calculator is only a very rough estimate and has limitations. Exactly how many calories you burn will depend on more than just your weight, it will depend on your body composition, i.e. lean mass and fat mass. An endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph do not burn equal amounts of calories should they complete identical training routines for the same length of time.




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