Body Shape Calculator

Determine your body shape based on shoulder, bust, waist, and hip size.

The body comes in huge variety of different sizes, proportions, and body compositions. While size is about how much mass a person has and body composition about what makes up that mass (fat, muscle, skeletal structure), body shape describes how muscle and fat is distributed and how the skeleton is moulded.

This calculator is designed to calculate your body shape and can be used to help you get ideas on how to dress. There are 5 main body shapes:

See below for a detailed description of each body shape. Body shape can also be an indicator of health risk. However, this body shape calculator is not intended to assess health. Instead, waist-to-hip ratio or waist circumference are better indicators of health, and often used by health professionals.

To use this body shape calculator enter your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip size.


Shoulder Size
Bust Size
Waist Size
Hip Size

How to Take Your Body Measurements

To determine your body shape you’ll need a measuring tape to take measurements from four areas – the shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

Shoulders: Wrap the measuring around your shoulders, as high as you can without the tape slipping off. You might need help taking this measurement to get the widest circumference of the shoulders.

Bust: Wrap the measuring tape straight across your back and around the fullest part of your bust. The measuring tape should be snug, but not too tight and should not change the shape of your breasts.

Waist: Wrap the measuring tape around the smallest part of your waist, which is generally just above the belly button. Ensure the tape is even around your back. It should be snug, but not too tight.

Hips: Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hip, which for most women is just below your hip bone and around the largest part of the butt. Keep the measuring tape straight and tout.

If you can, get a friend to help you, as it will be difficult to take your shoulder measurements by yourself. Accuracy is key. Also remember to stand with good posture when taking your body measurements.

Chart of the 5 body shapes: ruler, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, and apple shape

What Are The 5 Body Shapes?

There are five main body shapes, with each shape based upon the size of your physical features and the overall balance of your body. There is no universal agreement on the exact proportions for each shape.

This body shape calculator uses the following classification. However, some body shapes may not fit neatly into any of the body shapes listed below.

Key characteristics


Aka: Ruler, Banana, Straight, H-Frame, Athletic

Body equally proportioned throughout.
Shoulders, bust, and hips are the approximately the same size.
Little or no definition at waist.

  • Tend to put on weight in stomach, while maintaining slender arms and legs. This may result in a change of body shape to apple shape.
  • Shoulder, bust, and hip measurements are within 5% of each other. Waist is less than 25% smaller than the bust.
  • Rectangle body shape measurements: E.g. 32-26-33, 34-30-35, 36-33-37.

Key characteristics


Aka: Figure 8, X-Frame

Upper and lower body are equally proportioned.
Shoulders same (or almost the same) size as the hips.
Clearly defined and pronounced waistline.

  • Tend to gain weight fairly evenly across the body, especially the hips and chest area.
  • The waist is at least 25% smaller than the shoulder and hips. Shoulder and hip measurements are within 5% of each other.
  • The hourglass shape is sometimes given two further categories called top hourglass and bottom hourglass shapes.
    Top hourglass shape: Has the general hourglass shape, but the bust is visibly larger than the hips.
    Bottom hourglass shape: Has the general hourglass shape, but the bust is visibly smaller than the hips.
  • Hourglass measurements: E.g. 36-24-36, 38-28-38, 34-25-35.

Key characteristics

Pear Shape

Aka: Spoon, Triangle, A-Frame, Gynoid shape

Upper body is smaller than the lower body.
Shoulders are narrower than hips.
Waist is fairly defined.

  • Slender arms.
  • Bust is often small to medium.
  • Tend to have flat stomach and find it easier to get defined abs.
  • Tend to gain weight below the waist, such as the thighs, lower part of the hips, and butt.
  • Hips are more than 5% bigger than the shoulders.
  • Pear shape measurements: E.g. 32-28-35, 34-30-38, 36-32-42

Key characteristics

Inverted Triangle

Aka: V-Shape, Cone, Strawberry

Lower body is smaller than the upper body.
Shoulders are wider than hips.
Waist is not prominent.

  • Slim legs, narrow hips, and a smaller butt.
  • Tend to have a large chest or bust.
  • Often have prominent shoulders.
  • Generally gain weight in the upper body, such as the arms, chest, back, and stomach.
  • Shoulders are at least 5% bigger than the hips.
  • Inverted triangle measurements: E.g. 40-36-33, 36-32-32, 34-29-31

Key characteristics


Aka: Diamond, Round, O-Frame, Android shape

Waist is larger than hips.
Shoulders and hips approximately the same size.
Widest around the middle.

  • Most weight carried in the midsection, such as the belly and chest area.
  • Slender legs.
  • Waist is larger than hips, and shoulders are not more than 5% bigger than waist.
  • Apple shape measurements: E.g. 40-44-42, 36-38-37, 34-35-34

Use body shapes as a means to help you achieve certain goals (more on that below) and to generally understand your body better. However, if you feel it only boxes you into a certain category, don’t use it. Here are some of the best ways to use body shape to your advantage, as well as some limitations of body shape you should know about.

How to Use Body Shapes

When using body shape it’s worth remembering the significant limitations of it. There is no universal agreement on the measurements, categories, and even names of different body shapes. That’s because any attempt to categorize the human body into neat categories will have a fair amount of shortcomings, and body shape is no different.

Furthermore, measuring the circumference of the bust, waist, hips, or any other body part doesn’t tell you everything. Perspective matters.

Body Shape: Front vs Side

According to your body measurements you might have one body shape, but when you view your body from the front your body shape might look entirely different. For example, Giselle Bündchen is often described as having a rectangle shape. In fact, according to her body measurements she actually has an hourglass shape.

That’s because we have shape from the font, as well as the side. In other words, you don’t just have width, you also have depth. Your bust measurement includes your torso and your breasts, and your hip measurement includes your hips and also your bottom.

So you might be more curvaceous from the front (your shape comes from your hips for example) or more curvaceous from the side (your shape comes from your breast or bottom), or have a balance of both. And this might not be the same for your upper body as for your lower body.

How Height Affects Body Shape

And then there’s that other dimension – height. The taller some is, the more rectangular and less curvaceous their shape is going to seem. Take the oft touted hourglass measurements of 36-24-36 (bust-waist-hips). At 6′ (1.82m) tall a woman would have a body shape similar to a runway model, while at 5’5″ (1.65m) would have a body shape akin to that of Marilyn Monroe.

In other words, there are a lot of ways body shape can come together. This means that two women with the same body measurements can have very different body shapes. 

Ways to Use Body Shape

Body shapes can be helpful in several ways:

  1. Fashion. If you have been finding it difficult to find clothes that fit the way you want, understanding your body shape might be a helpful step towards finding pieces that are more flattering. The plethora of styles can be overwhelming. Think of the number of necklines alone – off-shoulder, square, round, cowl, boat, halter, and so on. Being steered towards certain styles can help you find designs you might have otherwise overlooked.

    But what using body shapes should not do, is stop you from wearing clothes you like whether or not it is recommended for your body shape. Your style is your style, and body shape should not change that. Because more than anything, fashion is about personality.
  2. Exercise. Understanding the overall balance of your body can help you determine which areas of your body you may want to target more with strength training.
  3. Health. Body shape is determined in part by how body fat is distributed across the body. In addition to body weight and BMI, body fat distribution can affect your risk for certain health conditions.12 Waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) are often used to help determine who is at increased risk.

    A waist-to-hip ratio greater than 0.85 for females and 0.9 for males is associated with a greater risk of cardio-metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.3 While a waist size bigger than 31.5 inches (80 cm) for women or 37 inches (94 cm) for men is tied to a higher risk.456

So use body shape only as much as you find it helpful. The human body is remarkable, and every body shape is beautiful. Simply use body shape as a tool to help you get to where you want to go.

How Age Affects Body Shape

One way body shape can change is with age. The first time is during puberty when estrogen triggers the development of female traits such as the widening of hips, breast development, and the storage of fat in the hips, butt, and thighs. Male puberty results in the widening of the shoulders and the ribcage.78

Another major change in body shape that occurs in females (other than pregnancy) is the menopause, when estrogen levels fall. This causes body fat distribution to shift from the lower body to being stored around the waistline, resulting in a more rectangle shape or apple shape.9


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  1. Hlo there,
    I’m 5’2”tall and my body measurement is 36-31.5-38. What body type do I have? It will help me on my workout according to my body shape.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hello!! Im kinda confused since I tried a bodyshape calculator and they put me under the rectangular body shape, although I saw the hourglass ratio here and I think that’s the one closer to mine. Im 39-26-34, is my body shape still rectangle or hourglass? Thank you so much!! <33

  3. Hello,
    I’m 5’2 34-32-38 what’s my body shape? Also I’m trying to workout these days so according to my body shape i wanna do the work outs.

  4. Hi according to your measurements for an hourglass it says 33-27-35.. i am 35.5-27-35.5 according to a body shape calculator i am a rectangle.. please help i do not kmow am i an hourglass or rectangle.

    • There is no way that your shoulders are 15 because your arms hang from your shoulders and your arms are on either side of your bust, so your shoulders have to be at least 35 or higher.

  5. Hi really want to know what body shape I am:

    I feel like I am in between a pear and an hourglass. I don’t have the exact characteristics of both of the shapes. For example, I have really big thighs and I also have a stomach that sticks out a little bit and I have a medium to large butt. Just wondering if anyone can help me.

  6. I am 177 cm tall and 85-63-93 (in metric units), it’s about 33,4-25-36,6. I have almost no breasts and mostly store my weight on hips, but my shoulders are even broader than hips(beacause of bone). How do you classify me?

  7. Even after reading this article I still don’t know which category I would be classified as :'(
    Although I am slim, I’m not a rectangle shape because my shoulders are wider than my hips. However, I don’t gain weight above my waist. My bottom and thighs are larger than my arms and chest (which are really skinny and basically non-existent, respectively). The indent in my waist is defined but my proportions aren’t even! I am really confused as to which body type I would classify myself as!! Help! 🙁

  8. Can someone help me? I think I’m hourglass but the thing is my shoulders are too wide! These are my measurements in centimetres: bust 33, waist 26, hip 36. But my shoulders are 37.5. What would I be considered and thank you. If you need my height it’s 162 cm, and my frame is small according to my wrist size and height.

    • Your a total hourglass! My measurements are 39-30-41 and my shoulders are 40 so I think I’m an hourglass too, 5’9 in height, but you’re surely an hourglass.

  9. Can someone help me? I think I’m hourglass but the thing is my shoulders are too wide! These are my measurements in centimetres: bust 33, waist 26, hip 36. But my shoulders are 37.5. What would I be considered and thank you.

  10. Hi please can you can you tell me what body type I am? My shoulders are approximately 37, bust 35, waist 29, hips 36 (I always seem to fall into lots of different categories which is quite confusing).


  11. I’ve been trying to figure out what my body shape is forever. I’m petite (5’1) and have a small frame and broad shoulders. My measurements are 34-26.5-36. I’ve gone to various websites, and have entered my measurements, but different websites have given me differing results. I’m quite small (110 lbs) so maybe toning up or gaining weight will better give me a visualization of what I am. I’d like to get up to 120.

  12. I’ve been trying to figure out what my body shape is forever. I’m petite (5’1) and have a small frame and broad shoulders. My measurements are 34-26.5-36. I’ve gone to various websites, and have entered my measurements, but different websites have given me differing results. I’ve gotten the results of pear,hourglass, ruler, and apple because of my shoulders…weird.

  13. So what’s the best kind of workout for an hourglass shaped ectomorph? Should I still follow the ectomorph workout? Because other than my hourglass shape, I completely fit the ectomorph description.

  14. hi there,
    I’m 5’7”, my vital stats are 36-30-38. as per this article i’ve an hourglass figure. but still some ppl think i should loose weight. what do u guys think? i’m gonna apply for cabin crew in an airline , n my peers are saying that i dnt have a chance coz i’m fat. do u think its true? i would appreciate your comments..

  15. Something that always annoys me with most sites that discuss body shapes is their default position that if you have a small waist and wide hips but your bust measurement is smaller than your hips by more than 1-2 inches you must be a pear. Not necessarily. Remember, to be a pear shape you have narrower shoulders than your hips. I’m 36-27-40. But my shoulders are 37 inches.
    So many of us a confused about how to classify our body shape. Here’s a thought, maybe it’s because 4 body shapes just don’t cover all of our different body types? People might say that you should just be happy with your body shape and not worry about classifying it. Who are they kidding, we’re women. Of course we want to know!
    I’m not sure if you have ever heard of Trinny and Susannah, they came up with 12 different body shapes. They still don’t cover everyone but I suggest you look them up if you are like me and just don’t fit into any of the above categories.

    • You’re in the “ruler” classification. Look at the sample measurements given for that body shape and you’ll note that the difference between measurements is about 4″ to 6″, which is exactly where you fall. You’re not necessarily going to match the description of your associated body type classification in every respect. The categories are great for helping individuals identifying their body type, but they certainly come with a caveat–we simply cannot obtain a system with a reasonable number of groupings that will be infallible (ie. universally applicable). Just something to think about when you’re trying to see how you weigh in on a scale designed for the use of such a diverse audience.

  16. My shoulders n hips r about the same size but looking at my measurements i seems to have a pear shape. My measurements r 36-29-40. I dont have a flat stomach or abs like said above for pear. Im 5’ what shape am i really?

  17. Yeah, I’m all over the place, too. I’m 41-29.5-39.5 and while that seems to be “top hourglass” by many sites, I’m also an athlete with large shoulders and a large muscular build. It’s really hard to classify anyone as someone always gets left out.

  18. ^yes the measurements are completely off mainly for hourglass shape there needs to be over 9in difference to give a dramatic waist the measurements you have are mostly bananas because theres not enough waist definition to be hourglasses. Also only the bust can be slightly bigger as proportionaly it looks smaller even with the same measurement the ideal is it must look balanced and go in at the waist. Women normally know if they are an hourglass because from the front the figure will go out at the bust the waist wont be | |(even if its small compared to bust and hips but will cinch in so will actually look like an hourglass >< with round hips and butt
    eg hourglass measurements: 42-28-41(mine:P) , 36-24-35, 35-25-35 etc…

  19. Yes the measurements for hourglass are way off more like ruler shape theres no real waist in any of those measurements! i am a hourglass i have 42 in bust 28in waist 41in hips there really needs to be 9in or more difference to bust and hips and only the bust can be slightly larger than hips.
    Why write a page on figures if your clueless!

  20. My measurements are (roughly): 40-32-42. I’m just over 5’6″, a bit shy of 5’7″. I’ve always been told by friends that I’m an apple shape since I have a wide chest, large breasts, and big upper arms. I’ve sort of programmed myself to believe this, despite the fact that I also have a defined waist and saddle bags on my hips. Yet, my measurements indicate I’m closer to an hour glass? Having a hard time figuring this out.

  21. I am trying to find out my “shape” too…

    I am 5’6.5 or 168.91 cm. My Body Measurements are 31DD-28-35

    I have normal shoulders, and very thin arms, with muscular legs….I think that I am just straight up and down.

  22. So I have always known I have an hour glass figure. My husband is very adamant that I am a pear. Even though I took my measurements in front of him. Explained how it is calculated but he argues that my shoulders are too narrow and that my breast size does not matter. I have always been very small boned and have very slender shoulders but they really are not much more narrow than my hips. I have seen some places where it comments on shoulders being part of your body shape on some of the body shapes. But in general I always figured if your breast and hips measurements are fairly close with a very narrow waist that is a hour glass. Also everything I have ready describes pears as typically having a small chest I wear a D cup, I don’t think this would be considered “small”. Any comments to help with this dispute. I am a healthy weight and do not mind too much which shape I am. But find it frustrating that my husband listens to some radio show that described body shapes one day and now he thinks he is an expert! Grrrrr! I know he of anyone would know my body almost as well as I do, but I would think I know my self best, well maybe…

    • Hi Naomi,
      I know what you mean – and also where your husband is coming from. Shoulders do exaggerate a body shape, think of Halle Berry with those wide straight shoulders. They make her waist look even smaller. Generally body shape is determined by shoulder, bust, waist and hip measurements. It’s also why some women are hourglass or pear shape, but don’t “look it”, as they appear to have very little hips – it’s because they have a shapely derrière.
      Also, there are hourglass shapes like Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Anita Ekberg and Diana Dors (seriously hourglass) and then there are hourglass shapes like the Original Supermodels (Cindy Crawford et al), who are small-boned and tall, making their hourglass shape more subtle. The point is they’re all hourglasseses, just like there are tall people and very tall people. Your husband probably thinks of the Marilyn Monroe body shape as the “true hourglass”. But to have that exaggerated hourglass shape you have to be shorter and have an endomorphic body type. See these examples of endomorphic hourglasses and here for female ectomorphs who are small-boned and have more subtle body shapes. Here’s hoping you win this argument! 🙂

    • You ARE a Pear. Your hips and bust must not have more than a 1 inch differene between them for you to be hourglass. Your have a 5 inch diff between bust and waist and an 8 inch between waist and hip.

    • Hi Lucy,
      Check out this page on how to take your body measurements, which explains where to take your measurements. The measurements you need to determine your body shape are bust, waist and hips. These numbers traditionally are then written in the following sequence bust-waist-hips, e.g. 35-29-35, which would mean 35 inch bust, 29 inch waist and 35 inch hips.

  23. They forgot upside down triangle, or strawberry (or cone). My measurements read 34-26-39, which looks like I should be a pear…however my shoulders are very broad, they appear wider than my hips in silhouette! That-I believe- has no classification!


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