Jump Squat

Jump squats are a challenging cardio + strength exercise that sculpts and tones the thighs and butt.

  • Main muscles worked: Glutes, hip flexors, front of thighs (quadriceps)
  • Other muscles: Abs, back of thighs (hamstrings), calves, lower back
  • Exercise type: Plyometric, Compound, Push
  • Equipment: No equipment

The jump squat is an explosive lower-body exercise that especially works and tones the thighs and butt. It develops lower body strength, explosive power, balance and agility. Jump squats can help improve sprint time, vertical jump, and explosive strength.12 It can boost athletic performance in sports that require a lot of lower-body power such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Squat jumps are cardio-intensive move that can improve cardiovascular fitness and burns a lot of calories. Before you perform jump squats, first master the basic squat. Then start with small jumps to practice landing softly and with proper form.

As you squat down, make sure your knees don’t collapse inwards. If you find this happening push the knees outwards to prevent them caving in. When you squat also do not allow your knees to move beyond your toes.

Variation: Squat jumps can be made harder by jumping faster or higher, or squatting deeper. An advanced variation of this exercise are squat box jumps (performed by jumping onto a box). Another way to make this exercise more challenging is to add extra weight (e.g. barbell jump squat). However some research suggests that add weight does not necessarily provide any further benefit.3


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