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weight loss plan
/ˈweɪt ˌlɑːs ˌplæn/

Definition. Noun.
A plan designed to reduce body weight by following a diet or exercise program.

Step 1

What is a Healthy Weight?

The first step is to determine your weight loss goals. Do this by finding out what a healthy weight is for you. The calculators below will give you a good starting point.

Determine your body fat percentage, as this can help you understand the changes in body composition that are happening. Also take your body measurements and use it to track your weight loss journey.

Step 2

What's Your Unique Body Type?

One of the most important things you can do before starting your weight loss journey, is to understand your body. The body comes in a huge variety of different sizes, proportions, and body compositions.

Chart of the 3 body types

First understand your body type, this is about how much mass a person has and about what makes up that mass (fat, muscle, frame size). Body type affects what you can healthily achieve, and can help you personalize your diet and fitness regime for better results.

Chart of the 5 body shapes: ruler, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, and apple shape

Secondly, determine your body shape, which describes how muscle and fat is distributed and how the skeleton is moulded. This helps you fine tune your workout routine to add shape or size where you want.

Use the calculators below to help you determine you body type and body shape.

Step 3

Weight Loss Nutrition

Master the healthy eating basics. Learn about the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating. In order to level up and meet your health and wellness goals you need to get this right.

Step 4

Identify Your Unique Diet Needs

Choose a diet plan that works for you and takes your unique needs into account. From low-carb to low-glycemic; from Atkins to the Zone; from the latest diet to the Paleo Diet. You'll find it here.

Step 5

Know Your Macros

Once you've decided on the diet that suits your needs, look at your macronutirents. The three macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, and fat. How much of each will vary according to the type of diet, as will the foods recommended within each macronutrient group.

Find out about carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Each macronutrient has its own benefits and role in maintaining a healthy body and weight loss. Tap on each one to find out more.


The body’s main source of energy. It’s also where you load up on vitamins & minerals.


The building blocks of life. Vital for growth, repairing cells, and making new ones.


Virtually no calories. Hardly digested. And yet key for good health.


Fats help your body work properly. But some types are healthier than others.

Step 4

Diet Calculators

Calculate your daily calorie needs, macronutrient ratio, and more with these easy to use diet calculators.


Step 5


After nutrition, exercise is key. It burns calories, helps prevent the muscle loss due to cutting calories, and can boost metabolism. And research shows it's absolutely neccessary in keeping the weight off permanently.

Walking + Running

Walking and running are two of the most popular activities. Do it at the gym or outdoors. Do it after work, on your way to work, or on holiday. Because the most important part of weight loss is consistency. All you need is a pair of shoes and the mindset to make it a unbreakable, unshakeable habit.

Step 7

The Basics

Lose weight, achieve your health, fitness, and body goals, and keep the weight off permanently. Do it once and do it right. So let's start with these weight loss fundamentals.

the essentials
Fast Weight Loss

What you need to know about losing weight fast, crash diets, and more.

the essentials

Are carbs the enemy? It depends on the carb and it depends on how well you tolerate carbs.

the essentials
Belly Fat

Crunches don't burn belly fat. Here's how to lose belly fat the right way.

the essentials

Looking to add a little extra to boost your weight loss efforts?

Everything Else
Weight Loss

Looking for more? You'll find it here.

Tools +

Need a helping hand in the kitchen? Level up with these helpful guides, lists, calculators, and charts.

How to buy, prep and store, plus health benefits.

Calculators to convert cooking measurements.

The calories are in different foods – with lists so you can compare.

Visual guides that break things down and make it simple.