Macronutrient Calculator

There are a plethora of nutritional strategies adopting different ratios of carbohydrates to protein to fat. While some people are carbohydrate sensitive and do better on with a low-carb diet strategy, others simply cannot do without carbs or need to watch their fat intake.

This macronutrient calculator allows you to choose the diet strategy you want and does the hard work of calculating your daily intake of carbohydrate, protein and fat for you.

Simply enter the number of calories you wish to consume per day. Then either select one of the common diet ratios or enter your own macronutrient percentages in the boxes below (make sure it adds up to 100%!).

You can also choose the number of meals you want to eat per day. This allows the calculator to compute the amount of calories, carbohydrate, protein and fat you should consume within each meal. Then simply click calculate.


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  1. I just want to say thanks. I never thought I’d find everything on the same site (BMI calculator, Ideal Weight Calculator – this one is a real eye opener and made me understand that my initial goal weight was not achievable due to my body type – Body Type, Exercise/Calorie Calculator! I’m serious, I am reall thankful to have stumbled on your site. I hope to reach my goal weight in a more responsible way, in a year (that way my calorie intake isn’t too low), and I just can’t get enough of your site ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on your hard work and keep it up! Claudia


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