Body Type Calculator

Determine your frame size and body type using two body measurements.

Determining your frame size and body type (are you an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph?) can help you find out your ideal weight. Understanding your frame size can help you set more realistic weight loss goals (use the ideal weight calculator, which takes your frame size into account).

We do not all have the same size of frame; some people have a smaller and lighter frame, while others will possess a heavier build. A person with a large frame size will have a different ideal weight than someone with a small frame.

Frame Size Calculator

Calculator Instructions

Determine your frame size using the body frame size calculator:

  • First select your gender.
  • Then enter either your wrist circumference or elbow breadth (see below how to take your measurements).
  • Lastly, enter your height in meters or feet, and click calculate.

How to measure wrist circumference:
Determine your wrist size by wrapping a tape measure around your wrist at the level just below the wrist bone. This is the narrowest point of the wrist.

How to measure elbow breadth:
To determine your elbow breath extend your arm forward so that it is horizontal and parallel to the ground. Then bend your elbow so your forearm is at a 90º angle. Measure the greatest breadth across the two prominent bones on either side the bent elbow. Ideally use calipers and have some take the measurement for you.

body type calculator

If this is not possible you can take the measurement by placing your forefinger and thumb of your other hand on either side of your elbow joint. Then use your forefinger and thumb as a gauge to determine your elbow breadth by measuring the gap between them with a ruler.

body type calculator

Frame Size & Weight

This frame calculator highlights that we aren’t all built the same and can’t all look the same (even if we try). It can help you set more realistic goals, to worry less about a number on a scale, and focus more on what is healthy for you.

Methods such as body mass index do not take frame size into account, which means that it can lack accuracy in determining whether or not you fall within a healthy weight range. For example, a person with a medium or large frame who also carries a good amount of muscle mass would be expected to weigh more than a person with a small frame and little muscle mass.

Limitations: Like all such calculators, this is an approximate method of determining frame size. For example, this calculator determines frame size only from one measurement (upper body), it does not take the lower body into consideration. However, upper and lower body frame size is not necessarily the same. The upper body of someone who has a pear body shape may be smaller framed (small wrist), while their lower body might be larger framed (heavier ankles).


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  1. I get “medium frame” by wrist and “small frame” by elbow, soI don’t know who I am. On the one hans, I am very tall and skinny and have long arms and legs.
    On the other hand, I have a broad shoulders and small waist-to-hip ratio(about 0.7).

  2. helo,
    my body type is ectomorph but i dont seem to know why i have knocking legs anytime i’m walking my legs seems to be knocking,pls do you knw any excercise that would help in keeping my legs apart while walking..

  3. Also I know this might not have to much to do with this but I am quite fit do sport every day but I just can’t seem to get rid of my extra weight. I have a belly and extra fat on my back plus on my thighs and two chunks on either side of hip bones! It’s really frustrating that I can’t get rid of it what should I do! I’ve tried everything! I just can’t seem to find a way that actually works!!!

  4. Weird, I’m 5’3, 112 pounds and have 20% body fat, but according to this and my 6″ wrist I have a medium body type and according to my 3″ elbow breadth, I have a large body type but I wear size 2. Obviously, as this is based on wrist or elbow measurements, it does not take into account buff arms on a petite girl.

    • Hey there,
      Frame size (in your case medium) doesn’t determine body type, but is one of the characteristics of body type. For example, endomorphs and mesomorphs tend to have medium or large frames, while ectomorphs tend to have a small frame. Frame size is also useful in making sense of your weight. If you have a medium frame, you are more likely to weigh more than someone with a small frame. Basically, body weight isn’t a great way to determine health, because it doesn’t differentiate between frame size (a larger frame will weigh more than a smaller frame), amount of muscle mass or body fat.

      Read this article on the mesomorph body type for the characteristics of a mesomorph. If you are athletic and gain muscle easily and lose body fat relatively easily you may be a mesomorph.

  5. Hey, really appreciate this website!
    I can’t get the calculator to calculate my body frame? I think I am a mesomorph though, because I gain muscles easily!

    I type female gender, wrist size 17cm, elbow breadth 7cm and height 1.74 meters.. I click calculate, and then it just aska me to “please type “either” a wrist, “or” elbow breadth”
    What does that mean?? It bothers me I can’t calculate my body frame..

    15 year old girl from Norway

    • I think you have to put in the size for EITHER your elbow or wrist but not both. It won’t calculate if you put in both measurements so just fill in answer to wrist or elbow but not both.

  6. Hello! I found, like several other girls on here, that my wrist size indicated that I was of medium build (mesomorph) but my elbow size indicated I was ‘large’. Currently I am carrying excess weight due to lack of exercise and a lax diet, but even when I was at my fittest (I was a personal trainer for many years) I would have considered myself to still be ‘soft’- therefore endomorphic. (By that I mean I wasn’t really muscular looking even though my body fat percentage was about 17-18%- except perhaps in my legs and back, both were pretty muscular in appearance) However, my weight is distributed fairly equally, and I am definitely not fortunate enough to be a pear or hourglass, I was constantly working to get a bottom! My shoulders are wider than my hips without doubt, and I have long arms and legs (for my height, Im only 173cm). The more fat I lose the less ‘curve’ I have, but I wouldn’t say I lose weight with ease at all! And I feel I definitely have to ‘try’ if I want to look lean and muscular, but I am naturally strong. Now, here is my question (finally!), I struggled throughout my teens and well into my 20’s with an eating disorder, and my weight has fluctuated up to 12kg about 4 times. Do you think its possible that I am in fact an mesomorph but my battles with eating have effected my metabolism and that is why I share some of the attributes of the endomorph (sluggish metabolism, easily gained muscle but not great definition, gain weight fairly easily) but physically in many ways I tend towards the mesomorph?

    I hope that made sense! Great info by the way, Ive been curious about this for a while!

  7. I am a small frame by my wrist, but I don’t fit any of these 3 body types. I’m 5’4, 135lb, 32 age. I’m a skinny fat girl. Is there a 4th body type out there? My shoulders are smaller than my hips, muscle gaining is hard for me. I’ve always have been a size 4 and I’m trying to keep myself at a 4.

    • Hi Chas,
      You sound like you are an ectomorph (small frame, lack muscle mass) that is prone to some weight gain. Most ectomorphs are not “pure” ectomorphs, but a combination of two body types. Ectomorphs will often turn into endomorphic ectomorphs (ectomorphs prone to fat gain) with age, as even their super fast metabolism slows down as they get older. It also means that muscle gain becomes easier.
      You say you’re skinny fat. People who are skinny fat often are ectomorphs. It’s a problem that tends to be mainly one of lack of muscle mass. Focus on resistance training to build muscle. You can read an article about skinny fat here.
      Ectomorphs need to be aware that even though they appear to be skinny, that it is still possible have an unhealthily high body fat percentage and suffer with the dangerous type of fat around their organs (visceral fat). The problem with ectomorphs is that even though they look skinny, it doesn’t mean they really are “skinny”. Basically, ectomorphs can’t skip on eating healthily and exercise, just because they look thin. Some studies have found some underweight people to have a body fat percentage that classifies them as obese! That’s not to say this is happening in your case, just something to bear in mind. Hope this answers some of your questions!

  8. Hi. . I know someone has already asked almost this exact same question but the answer didn’t quite get to what I was wondering about. By measure of my wrists I have a small frame. By measure of my elbow I have a large frame. You had said earlier that even the slightest mismeasurement could put you in another category but what I was wondering is can you have a combination of two frame types? I have broad shoulders and hips and tend to get larger muscles when I am in a working out phase but then I also have very tiny wrists and ankles. I am 5′ 8 1/2″ tall.

    • Hi there,

      Yes, you can be a combination of body types. In terms of frame types, I guess it may be possible. For example, pear-shaped women often appear to have delicate hands and wrists (small frame), but have much bigger ankles (large frame). Read about the different body type characteristics here. Also, frame size is just one of several characteristics of body type. You can be a small-framed mesomorph/ a combination of ectomorph and mesomorph.
      Knowing your body type mainly helps if you are struggling to achieve the body you want: either it helps you realize that you have to adapt you expectations/ goals or it helps you change your training/ diet to help you achieve your goals. I hope I answered your question!?

  9. Thanks for a good article.

    Im 6.1 with a large frame (a little over 8″ on the wrist) but my upper body is very long and legs are 32″ inseam, somewhat short.

    Based on BMI or the calculations here I should be somewhere between 168 and 192 but at 168 or with 10 pounds of that Im a very unhealthy looking person with all skin and bones. At 185 to 195 I would be healthy but my muscle mass numbers would have to be lower to accomidate this range which I dont want to do.

    10 years ago I was roughly 200 with 8% body fat and could stand to gain another 10 ponds of muscle.

    25 years later Im not looking for my college weight but how do I accomidate my upper body size, reamin healthy and still fall within the range that the medical and insurance industry calculate as idea?


    • Hi there,
      sorry for not getting back to you more quickly. You’re tall and you have a large frame. That means you should really focus on your body fat percentage, not your weight (ideally everyone should do that!). The problem with weight/ BMI is that is does not differentiate between muscle, bone and fat. If you concentrate on your weight, you run the risk of trying to lose too much weight to fit some mathematical algorithm invented by the insurance companies. If you’re naturally muscular and have a big bone structure, it’s unlikely that you’ll conform to those charts. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example would probably be classed as overweight or even obese judged by BMI, and even George Clooney has been reported to be overweight by BMI standards. Clearly, both of these actors are incredibly fit and healthy. Most important is that you have a healthy body fat percentage. Also, you sound as though you have a body type that will respond amazingly to training and healthy eating. Do that through almost daily cardiovascular exercise (to reduce body fat), at least 3 strength training sessions a week (to maintain/ gain muscle) and a healthy diet. Your results should be pretty awesome!

  10. Hello,
    Has there been any research done with regards to body type and those with short torsos? I almost feel as if my body falls into all three categories because of what I like to call “short torso syndrome” and wonder if there are others out there who can relate! Here is my body description:

    1) I am 5’4 and 127 lbs. I carry a lot of muscle and am athletic.
    2) My measurements are 35 – 26 – 36. However, I only have about 2 1/4″ between my hip bone and my ribcage, so the narrowest portion of my waist is just a sharp indent, giving me what I would call a false hourglass image. My rib cage also seems unproportionately large to the rest of my body
    3) I do not carry a lot of fat on the lower portion of my body, have no cellulite and nice legs with good muscle definition. I also do not carry fat in my arms or shoulders. I am a C-cup.
    4) Since I have such a short torso, I seem to gather weight at my belly when I gain weight and even when slim (when you can see my rib cage and hip bones) can never get a flat belly regardless of diet and excercise (I am a long distance runner, weight train, stick to a diet, etc).
    5) I have very small wrists, fingers and ankles, but have a short neck

    Eventhough I wear a size two pants and wear a small shirt size, I always seem to look heavier or bulkier than those with longer torsos but wear a larger pants size. I believe this is because my torso does not have the space to “narrow” out.

    Are there any specific articles or excercises for those with my type of build? I have tried to do research about this and do not find a lot which makes me feel so odd about my body type!

  11. Very interesting, just have a question. The small frame is equal to the ectomorph? I’m not sure how the frame size plays out for the body types. Which one goes to which?

    • Hi Jessica,
      Frame size is just one of several characteristics (such as muscularity, propensity for weight gain, etc) that help determine body type. Ectomorphs tend to have a small frame. However, most people are a mixture of body types and therefore have a mixture of characteristics. If you have a small frame, are lightly muscled and would find it difficult to become overweight in terms of BMI, then you’re probably an ectomorph. Hope this helps!

    • Having a large frame does not mean you’re overweight or unhealthy. Having a larger frame simply means that you would expect to weigh more than someone with, say, a small frame. Not because you have more fat, but because your frame is heavier.

  12. I have a small frame, my wrists and elbows are tiny, but I am also really short. I am 5’1″ but I carry the little height that I have in my legs and have an hourglass body shape. I believe I am a mix of ectomorph and mesomorph but I am not sure. I am also fairly athletic and gain muscle easily in my lower body but not my upper body (abs and arms). Help please.

  13. My wrist is 6.25 which makes me a small frame but my elbow is 3 (if I did it correctly) and says im a large?
    I’m 5’7 and 173 lbs so does that play a role? I know I’m mostly fat, though.

    • Hi Renee!

      It’s probably best to get your body fat percentage measured. This will give you a much more accurate picture of what’s going on and what to aim for, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. Also, the elbow measurement has to be incredibly accurate (see earlier answer to question in which the difference between a small and large frame is 0.7 cm). Weight is not the best way to track weight loss or even know if someone is healthy. Research has shown that you can be normal weight, and even underweight, but still have dangerously high levels of body fat.

  14. Hi! Thank you for this website, it’s so helpful! I have a quick question though, i can easily overlap my middle finger and thumb around my wrist, like they touch over an inch…but..
    I wear size 8-10 in pants.
    I’m a 36 B
    and i’m 5’8 and 132lbs.
    I have a more of an hourglass figure, but i usually gain weight easier on my thighs and have a very defined collarbones and neck. I’ve always struggled with this and trying to find my ideal figure and losing weight because i don’t have that much to lose, but i’m like a size 10 :/ And even that sometimes you can see my hipbones.

    Any guess as to what “frame size” or “body type” i am? Would help greatly. Thank you!

    • The problem with losing weight, is that you can’t decide from where you’re going to lose it and the area around the thighs tends to be troublesome for most women. If you’re happy with the size of your lower body, you could try strength training targeting your upper body to create more balance. I hope this helps!

    • Hi Jennifer, sorry for the delay! From what you’re saying it does sound like you’re a mesomorph, especially if as you say, you fit the general description. Also, frame size is just one of several mesomorph characteristics.

  15. is it possible to be small framed and a 5ft. 3in. and my wrist is 5.75 in. around.i fit the description of a mesomorph but i saw that they are usually medium boned..:)

  16. According to the calculator I have a small frame my wrist measurement was 6 inches. I am 5 feet 7 inches and I am very muscular. I have done karate, cycling, cheerleading, soccer, and pretty much every other sport that requires muscle. I am 19 and was recently married. I have moved around like crazy over the last year and I have gained weight. I now weigh 155lbs and I feel out of shape. I am trying to find an ideal weight for me because I have a small frame but muscles. Is there a calculator for that?

    • Hi Megs,

      The body type calculator gives a general idea of weight range based on frame size. If you have a small frame and put on muscle easily, a weight at the upper end of the range the calculator estimated may be okay. However, since you’ve done a lot of sports and probably gained quite a bit of muscle, it could be higher than that. The scales don’t differentiate between muscle and fat. The best way to track weight loss is through body composition analysis, which is the best way to see what’s going on, especially if you are an athlete. Hope this helps. Good luck!

  17. Does race have an effect on how much you should weigh? Being a black girl, isn’t it harder to measure the frame considering our hip bones ten to be farther apart than maybe some other races?

    • Hi Eva. Race could possibly have an impact in so far that research shows that African Americans tend to have slightly higher bone density and muscle mass, which could increase weight a little (the ideal weight calculator does give a weight range for a given frame size). However, it’s difficult to generalize for an entire race, especially one that is so ethnically diverse. There is no stereotypical African. For example, North Africans look nothing like South Africans and West Africans look different from East Africans. In terms of tracking weight/ body composition, you can always go by body fat percentage, as it will be more accurate.

      • So glad you said that admin! as a black girl myself, this stereotype that black women are apparently supposed to weigh more than other races really angers me. If you look a black and African women all around the world you see that their bodies vastly differ. I think if you want to really know what an African women’s body weight is, look in africa. most women there are very slim. this stereotype that black people are supposed to weigh more is something that originated in america, because here black people tend to be more obese due to things like poverty and lack of education. Black women are not supposed to weight any more than any other races!!!

      • @ Denise
        i think you miss understand what admin is saying here. as a black woman also I understand that physically i do not have to differ in SIZE from my non african american counterpart, but due to bone density & muscle mass i could, in fact, WEIGH MORE while looking equally thin. If you were to take a thin african woman from Somalia and put them next to a thin caucasian woman from the U.S while they may be the same size (including height & age) the Somalian may weigh more than the American due to bone density & muscle mass. I hope this makes sense. Because in reading this i remember other articles that would suggest i should weigh the same as my caucasians counterpart, when in actuality i’d have to have a lower body fat percentage than her to weigh the same because my bone density & muscular mass are slightly higher.
        we are all unique in our makeup. fearfully & wonderfully made!

  18. I am confused. My wrist is 13 cm, my height 1.64m, and my elbow breadth is 7cm. So according to my wrist, I have a small frame, but according to my elbow a large one?! I held my elbow bones on either side, did I do something wrong or is my body simply weird 😀

    • You didn’t do anything wrong and your body isn’t weird! Elbow breadth is rather difficult to measure, especially compared to taking a wrist measurement. And precision really does matter for the elbow measurement. With regards to elbow breadth, the difference between a small and large frame is 0.7 cm! In your case for example, at your height (1.64m) a small frame would have an elbow measurement of under 6.0 cm, a medium frame between 6.0 cm and 6.7 cm and a large frame a wrist size of over 6.7 cm. You can see measurements have to be incredibly precise. Therefore, stick with the wrist measurement, that’s more likely to give you an accurate result, as there’s less likelihood of error during measuring.


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