Philosophy is very much intended as a holistic science-based source of information on being healthy and living well.

It is also the intention of to foster understanding that, in terms of health and wellness all people are not the same. We each have a different susceptibility for being healthy, falling ill, and getting well. This is determined by nature (our genetics) and nurture. Nurture including both how we live now and how we were raised as children, in terms of learned habits and the lifestyle our parents could afford to give us (such as nutrition, physical activity, and protecting us from excessive stress).

It is hoped that this awareness will not only help the reader appreciate the wonder and limitations of their own body, but of others; to reduce not only self-criticism, but the judging of others.

You cannot sink someone else’s end of the boat and keep your own afloat. Mutual encouragement and solidarity, instead of disparagement to achieve a happier and healthier life for all.