Best Macronutrient Ratio for Weight Loss

All your meals should consist of:

  1. Lean Protein (e.g. Chicken, fish, egg whites)
  2. Complex fibrous carbohydrate (broccoli, salad)
  3. Complex starchy carbohydrate (brown rice)

If you are having a snack, then you should make sure that it contains protein and a complex carbohydrate. When meals are smaller, quality really matters. Thus, make sure you include protein, high-fiber complex carbs, as well as healthy fats (olive oil etc.) in your meals.

  • Protein and fiber will help you feel full;
  • Complex carbohydrates digest slowly without spiking you blood sugar levels;
  • Fat, which also digests slowly, delivers a spurt of energy long after your meal.

It may sound like common sense but stick to high protein, complex carbohydrates and low fat foods like tuna fish (and other seafood), chicken breast, turkey, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Make sure to eat fresh whole foods whenever possible.

Studies people who maintain a BMI in the healthy range, tend to have a predictable diet with very little variation. It is thought to dull the palate and thus encourages people to eat less. This also makes it easier to plan meals from day-to-day, requires less preparation and means you are less likely to go hungry and then binge.

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