Skater jumps build lower-body strength and get your heart rate up.

  • Main muscles worked: Glutes, front of thigh (quadriceps), back of thigh (hamstrings)
  • Other muscles: Outer thighs, inner thighs, calves
  • Exercise type: Plyometric
  • Equipment: No equipment

Skaters are a plyometric lower body exercise that build strength, endurance, and power in the thighs, hips, and glutes. This exercise requires a lot of balance, and helps improve core strength, balance, agility, and coordination.

Skater jumps build stability in the hips, knees, and ankles. This explosive move also gets the heart rate up, making it a great cardio exercise.

Skaters are also known as side hops, skater jumps, and speed skaters.

Keep an upright posture, with your chest up and your shoulders back throughout the entire exercise. Land with soft knees and control.

Variations: Skaters are explosive and challenging. For an easier version try skater steps, in which you step instead of jump from side to side, and allow your back leg to touch the floor. Alternatively, start with the lateral lunge.

Skaters also be made harder or easier by changing the speed and the size of the jumps. You can makes smaller hops or large bounds. However, don’t make the jumps too challenging. While you want to move explosively, it’s also important to maintain control and balance to avoid injury and get the most from this exercise.

Therefore, start with smaller jumps and slowly increase the difficulty as you become more skilled and accustomed to the movement.


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