Jumping Lunge

Jumping lunges tone the butt and thighs, and are a great calorie-burner.

  • Main muscles worked: Glutes, Thighs (quadricpes, hamstrings)
  • Other muscles: Abs, Calves
  • Exercise type: Plyometric, Compound, Push
  • Equipment: No equipment

The jumping lunge is an explosive exercise that works the lower body, and particularly tones the thighs and butt. This bodyweight exercise helps develop explosive power, strength, and muscular endurance in the lower body.

Jump lunges are a unilateral exercise and require you to maintain balance and an upright position. This builds core strength, and improves balance and coordination. The jumping element also adds intensity, which makes it a great cardio move and calorie burner.

Before performing jumping lunges first master the basic lunge and reverse lunge.

Jumping lunges are also called scissor jumps or alternating lunge jumps.

In the lunge position do no not allow your front knee to cross over your toes. Your weight should be balanced on both feet.

Variations: A modification to make this exercise easier, is to jump from the lunge position into a standing position (feet together, shoulder-width apart) and then back into the lunge, switching legs as you do so. This means you do not switch legs in the air, making the exercise easier. Alternatively, try walking lunges. You can also make jumping lunges easier by reducing the height of the jumps.

To make jumping lunges more challenging, increase the height of the jumps, go faster between reps, or add dumbbells.


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