Romaine Lettuce: How to Use, Prep & Store

Romaine lettuce is a crisp and crunchy salad green with a sweet and mildly bitter taste.

When you think of lettuce, you’re probably envisioning the crispy, crunchy,  juicy leaves of Romaine lettuce. Synonymous with salads, its starring role is in Caesar salads. Baby romaine leaves are often found in salad mixes and mesclun mixes.

You might also know it as: Cos lettuce (chiefly British), Little gem, Baby gem

Taste: slightly sweet, hint of bitter

How to buy: Opt for lettuce that is vibrant green in color and firm , upright leaves. Avoid lettuce that is droopy and yellowing.

How to eat: Its smooth, firm texture and full-bodied flavor means it’s incredibly popular in salads, whether served alone or combined with other salad greens. And it is an absolute must for any true Caesar salad. But its also superb in Nicoise salad and Chinese chicken salad.

Thanks to its firm texture it’s also great in sandwiches, burgers, in wraps and as wraps.

Romaine lettuce is excellent grilled. Simply cut lettuce hearts in half, brush with an herb vinaigrette and grill with the cut side facing downwards. Serve on its own or in a salad.

How to store: Don’t keep lettuce with or near apples, bananas or ‎pears – these fruits are known to release ethylene gas, a ripening agent that will rapidly spoil the ‎lettuce.‎

Health Benefits of Romaine Lettuce

Not only tasty, this salad green packs a pretty good health punch too.

Compared to other types of lettuce, the Romaine is the richest in beta-carotene,1 a potent antioxidant that can help prevent oxidative stress in the body by quenching free radicals and protect the skin against photo-aging, helping to reduce the risk of skin tumors.2

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