Mint: How to Use, Cook & Store

Mint is a refreshing herb with an aroma of menthol and a bright, bold flavor.

There are a whopping 30 types of mint out there, but the two most popular types are peppermint (bright green leaves, purple stems and peppery flavor) and spearmint (gray-green leaves and milder all round).

Australian researchers reported that peppermint can offer some relief to individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).1

They explained that peppermint ‘activates an anti-pain channel’ in the colon which then reduces pain sensing fibers. This helps alleviate gastrointestinal pain associated with inflammation.

How to Use, Cook & Store Mint

Taste: menthol

Pairs well with: Lamb, chocolate

Great in: tea, ice cream

Store like this: To store the fresh herb, trim its ends and keep in a glass container containing 1 inch of water. Change the water daily.


  1. Andrea et al. (2011) A novel role for TRPM8 in visceral afferent function. Pain.

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