Fenugreek: How to Use, Cook & Store

Fenugreek leaves add a lovely aroma and slight bitterness to meals.

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Widely used in traditional Indian medicine, fenugreek has an amazing repertoire of health benefits.

Research has shown that this herb may improve sensitivity to insulin,1 reduce cholesterol production by the liver,2 and boost liver health by making it more efficient at eliminating toxins from the body.3

How to Use, Cook & Store Fenugreek

Taste: Smells like maple syrup during cooking, but has a bitter, burnt sugar taste.

Great in: Fresh leaves in curries (especially with potatoes) or fry-breads. Dried leaves added last-minute to sauces, curries, and soup.

Store like this: Wrap the herb in a kitchen towel and refrigerate in a perforated bag.

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