Curl & Press

An effective combo move that sculpts and tones the arms and shoulders.

  • Main muscles worked: Shoulders (deltoid), front of arms (biceps)
  • Other muscles: Back of arms (triceps), core
  • Exercise type: Compound, Push
  • Equipment: Dumbbells

The dumbbell curl and press is a time-efficient and effective exercise that combines two classic moves and works multiple muscle groups at the same time.

This exercise starts with a biceps curl, which works the arms (particularly the biceps) to lift the weight up toward the shoulders. It then transitions into a shoulder press, which targets the deltoid and tricep muscles as the dumbbell is lifted overhead. This combo move strengthens, sculpts and defines the arms and shoulders. It also targets and strengthens the core.

Before starting, ensure you have good shoulder mobility. You should be able to lift your arms straight up, so that your arms are in line with your ears on either side of your head.

Avoid using a weight that is too heavy, which increases the likelihood of sustaining an injury and using momentum to perform the exercise. Start with lighter dumbbells and ensure you complete the dumbbell curl and press with proper form, before increasing the weight.


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