Bicep Curl

Bicep curls are a popular exercise for leaner, more toned arms.

  • Main muscles worked: Biceps
  • Other muscles: Forearms, shoulders, core
  • Exercise type: Isolation, Pull
  • Equipment: Dumbbells

The dumbbell bicep curl is also known as a dumbbell curl or arm curl. It’s a foundational exercise that primarily strengthens and tones the front of the upper arms. Bicep curls also target the forearms to a lesser extent, as well as the shoulders and the core.

Stronger biceps help with everyday activities such as carrying and lifting. Strengthening the biceps can improve athletic performance in sports involving throwing or the use of a racket (e.g. baseball, tennis).

Start with a lighter weight and ensure you are performing the exercise with proper form, before gradually adding more weight.

Variations: You can perform bicep curls by raising both arms simultaneously or by alternating arms. If your main goal is to increase upper arm strength, size, or address muscle imbalances, opt for single bicep curls. If your goal is to increase muscle endurance, increase core engagement, or simply workout quicker, curl both arms at the same time.

You can also switch up the equipment and use resistance bands, a barbells, or cable machine. Bicep curls can be performed sitting or standing, or combined with other moves such as the dumbbell curl and press.


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