11 Fat-Burning Outdoor Exercises That’ll Crush Your Gym Workout

Best outdoor exercise to lose weight

Surfing/ Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Surfing isn’t the biggest calorie burner to make the list, but it’s probably the coolest.

Surfing is exhilarating and makes for a great full body workout, working the core, legs and arms. Surfing does take time to learn, and isn’t for the faint of heart.

So enter stand-up paddle boarding. Just as cool, less intimidating and way easier to learn, paddle boarding burns at least double the calories of surfing. Also, unlike surfing, you’re not limited to the ocean and can paddle board on natural or man-made lakes. Paddle boarding is a tough workout requiring balance, as well as upper-body and core strength.

Calories burnt: Surfing burns about 100 calories, while stand-up paddle boarding burns more than double, coming in at about 250 calories.

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