Tarragon: How to Use, Cook & Store

Tarragon is an intensely aromatic herb with a subtle aniseed flavor.

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Known as the king of herbs by the French, tarragon has been used traditionally to sooth sore gums.

According to current research, tarragon can also be used to calm a stress-induced stomach upset, improve digestion, and reduce free-radical damage.1,2

Tarragon also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties.2

How to Use, Cook & Store Tarragon

Taste: bittersweet, peppery, subtle hints of aniseed and vanilla

Pairs well with: Chicken, fish; also goes well with egg, cheese.

Great in: Salads, stuffings, omelets, béarnaise sauce, French cooking.

Get the most out of this herb: Add the herb at the end of cooking – exposing it to heat for too long brings out its bitter flavor and destroys several of its nutrients.

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