What is the Mesomorph Body Type?

Mesomorphs are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean body. They have excellent posture. Mesomorphs are natural born athletes and tend to be lean and muscular without trying. Many of the world’s top athletes fall into this group.

Usually narrow waisted and athletic, mesomorphs often look fit and strong even when they are not. This body type tends to have more type 2 muscle fibers and therefore excel at strength and power sports such as sprinting, HIIT, and strength training.


  • Naturally lean
  • Naturally muscular
  • Naturally strong
  • Medium size joints/ bones
  • Wider at the shoulders than the hips – i.e. chest dominates over abdominal area
  • Broad/ square shoulders
  • Efficient metabolism
  • Gaining muscle is easy
  • Losing fat is not too challenging
  • Responds quickly to exercise

Examples of famous endomorph women include Madonna and Tina Turner. Famous endomorph men include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Wills, and Mark Wahlberg.

Mesomorphs can gain muscle mass and lose weight fairly quickly with relatively easily. This combination allows the mesomorph to achieve fantastic definition of the body.

Mesomorphs should focus on cardio and eating a healthy, balanced diet to maintain or lose weight. Add strength training to improve strength and overall health.

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  1. I have a mesomorph body, the upper part of my body is very slim and I even have muscle without working out, however I have big thights (muscle and fat) and calves, I want to know which exercise would be the best to shape my legs. I want to do some spinning or stationary bike workouts and pilates, are those good options for my body type?

  2. I am confused on my body type. By the description I seem to fit the MESOMORPH. I don’t workout consistently yet – but I still have a nice amount of muscle (although obviously I want to improve this thats why I am on the website). I am 5’9 135lbs naturally (shooting for 125). However I would consider myself pear shaped not hourglass shaped – I have a big butt/thighs, my shoulders I would consider small. I have a thin to medium bone structure. I have no problem loosing weight quickly or gaining muscle – If i work out even just three days in a row I see a difference. But, I also can gain weight if I over-eat overtime (I’ve been up to 160 in the past but lost it quickly just by cleaning up my diet). What body type am I?

  3. If you’re mesomorphic you’re blessed. I know this well as I am an extreme ectomorph, and the world and its protocols have been designed by mesomorphs, who have qualities of stamina and courage that I do not. The capacity that mesomorphs have that I most envy and admire is that they have plenty of energy to get through the day. I’m built for about six hours a day of good effort, and after that I’m running on fumes. By Thursday I’m just dragging along, but the mesomorphs are fine. Being strong is not as valuable as being smart, but it’s a great gift, and you have it, have a care for those of us who do not.

  4. I am a true mesomorph. Although i struggled for years yo find a workout that suits my body’s needs, i found that it is extremely easy for me to gain and lose fat. Oddly enough. Gaining muscle is pretty easy now that i found a combination of great workouts to help me along. But if i fall off the wagon i tend to pack on the fat poundage after about a month of being sedintary. Pretty much all i need is regular cardio, 30 minutes 3x a week, and an intense workout for an hour 3x a week. And im good to go. A combination of p90x and perfect pushup excercises…rotating…seem to not only keep me extremely fit but interested at the same time.


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