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Take the math out of the equation. Let these tools do the hard work instead.

Weight calculators

Health and weight tools include a BMI calculator, which allows you to identify where you fall within the different weight ranges. However, BMI alone is quite limiting, so there are also calculators to determine how much you should weigh based on factors such as frame size, as well as a waist-to-hip ratio calculator and body fat calculator.

Calorie calculators

Below you'll find a calorie calculator and macronutrient calculator to help you determine you daily nutritional needs and plan your food choices to meet your health or weight loss goals, as well as a selection of other calorie calculators.

Fitness calculators

Fitness tools include a heart rate calculator that will help you identify your heart rate zones for exercise. These results make it easier to know whether you’re exercising at low, moderate, or high intensity. It also helps you to tailor your cardio workout to your goals and your specific fitness level.

Other tools are the exercise calorie calculators and walking calorie calculator, which will estimate the number of calories you will burn during your workout.

Body Type Calculators

In addition we also have a body type calculator and body shape calculator so you can tailor your nutritional and workout needs to your unique body and achieve the results you want.