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Your one-stop guide to different workout styles.

A good workout plan will incorporate a variety of different workouts to get the best results.

Here’s why you should switch up your workout routine and incorporate different types of workouts:
  • Muscle Balance and Strength: Different exercises engage various muscle groups. By incorporating a mix of activities, you prevent muscle imbalances and enhance overall strength.
  • Preventing Plateaus: Our bodies are remarkably adaptable. Doing the same cardio exercise repeatedly leads to muscle adaptation, where the body becomes more efficient at performing that specific activity. By mixing up your cardio routine, you challenge different muscle groups and prevent adaptation. This keeps your workouts effective and prevents efficiency plateaus.
  • Injury Prevention: Focusing solely on one type of exercise increases the risk of overuse injuries. Variety reduces strain on specific joints and tissues.
  • Mental Stimulation: Novel workouts keep you mentally engaged, enhancing motivation and adherence.
  • Different benefits: Different workout yield different results. Each type of workout has a specific purpose and boasts different benefits.
  • Fat burning: Different cardio workouts engage varying energy systems. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), for example, affects metabolism and fat burning differently than steady-state cardio. By alternating between steady-state and interval-based cardio, you maximize calorie expenditure and accelerate fat loss.


Check out these guides for an overview of the different types of workouts.

Levels of Difficulty

What exactly is moderate or high intensity and why should you do it?

Intervals + HIIT

All the different types of workouts that alternate between periods of exercise and recovery.

HIIT and Tabata are strenuous, high intensity workouts. People recovering from injury, are overweight, older adults, or people with medical conditions should speak to their doctor before starting to exercise to get personalized advice that will take their specific needs into consideration.

Continuous Training

These workouts keep the intensity the same throughout.

Find out many calories you’re burning. This calculator will determine how many calories you burn exercising based on your weight.

How Hard Are You Exercising?

Make sure you’re doing your workout right. Here’s how to know how hard you’re exercising.

Heart rate zone are one way to help you figure out how hard you’re exercising, but there are other ways too. One classic way to tell you’re exercising at moderate intensity for example is the “talk test” – you can comfortably talk in short sentences but not sing.1

To find out how hard you’re exercising you can use your heart rate. This calculator will determine your heart rate zones based on your age and gender, and give you a easy to understand result.


Get down to it with these workouts.

Post-Workout Snacks

Make your recovery a delicious one.

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