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Definition. Swimming is the sport or activity of propelling one’s body through water using the arms and legs.
The word comes from the Old English “swimman” meaning “”to move in the water, float on the water” and is of Germanic origin. It is related to the German “schwimmen”.

Some of the benefits of swimming include:12

  • Holistic exercise. Swimming engages your entire body in movement, providing a comprehensive workout. It works all the major muscles, elevates heart rate, and enhances overall fitness.
  • Heart and lung health. Regular swimming strengthens your cardiovascular system, potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. It may also help lower blood pressure, improve blood sugar, and is associated with greater longevity.
  • Gentle on joints. Unlike high-impact activities, swimming is gentle on joints. It may even help reduce joint pain in people with arthritis.
  • Recovery from injury or illness. Water-based activities such as swimming are often used to aid the rehabilitation process after an injury or illness, or for the treatment of chronic conditions. Speak to your health care professional before starting to get personalized advice tailored to your health needs.
  • Enjoyable and stress-relieving. Beyond physical gains, swimming offers mental well-being. The water’s embrace soothes stress, and can help boost mood.

Swim this Way

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Swimming is a no-impact activity, as your weight is supported in the water. However, weight-bearing activities increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, make sure to include workouts like walking, running, or strength training, to support healthy bones.

Switch it up

There are different types of workouts. Switching up your workouts keeps things fresh and interesting. Each type of workout has a specific purpose and boasts different benefits. These categories of workouts apply whether you’re swimming, cycling, or running. 

To find out how hard you’re exercising you can use your heart rate. This calculator will determine your heart rate zones based on your age and gender, and give you a easy to understand result.


Never be bored again, with workouts for every need.

Find out many calories you’re burning. This calculator will determine how many calories you burn exercising based on your weight.

Post-Workout Snack

Make your recovery a delicious one.

Prep is Everything

What to do before and after your workouts.