Food Swaps to Lose Belly Fat


11 Food swaps to lose belly fat

This great swap massively increases fiber, boosts the levels of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and pro-vitamin E. This swap also reduces the glycemic index of your meal, which means rather than experiencing blood sugar spikes, your blood sugar will rise and fall gradually after eating so you feel satisfied longer, reducing the likelihood hunger pangs, and overall calorie intake.



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  1. Sorry i am not trying to be a total jerk i am very intrigued by this website i love it, it is very helpful and useful!! But i was just noticing in this specific section there is a couple things that i was thrown off by and maybe i am being knit picky but when you are saying to swap foods for another i would expect the bad food to be first and the good food to be second, for instance the first item swapping oats for sugary cereals to me sounds like i should be swapping oatmeal for cocoa puffs which i do not think is your intention, the paragraph explanation under the header does coincide with your title but it is still a little offsetting, maybe i am the only one that is thinking this way but i feel it’s a little backwards, also i noticed a typo in the very first sentence of this “swapping your regular sugary cereal for rolled outs…. i think should be oats?? I do apologize i may come off as a little over analytical but i do enjoy this site greatly and i am citing this with good intentions.

  2. Sweet. I always eat old fashion oats for breakfast. not the artificial kind. I always prefer brown rice than white rice, add mix vegetables, tuna, lemon, little soy sauce, and chile. that stuff is yummy, lol.


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