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The most universally beloved of foods, the humble sandwich bursts with flavor, texture, and color.

Sandwich recap

Convenient, versatile, and satisfying
Healthy food on the go
Very easy to make

Sweet or savory. Light or hefty. Keep it simple or level it up (literally).

Types of Sandwich

From quintessential PB&J to classic BLTs. There's a sandwich to suit every taste, occasion, and diet. These are the main types of sandwiches.


Two slices of bread with one or more ingredients between.


A slice of bread or toast with one or more ingredients on top, such as avocado toast.


Cylindrical bread roll split lengthwise and filled with cheeses, vegetables, and condiments.


A single piece of folded or wraped flatbread, such as a pita or tortilla, with fillings inside.

Sandwich Recipes

Find the perfect sandwich recipe.

Sandwich Ingredients

From quintessential PB&J to classic BLTs. There's a sandwich to suit every taste. Keep it simple or level it up. You can switch up sandwiches for every occasion.

While you can put virtually anything in a sandwich, these are the main ingredients for a filling, moist, and tasty sandwich.


Choose your favourite type bread. Another option is to use a robust leafy green instead of bread for a low-carb sandwich.


Key to a moist, flavorful sandwich. Examples include mayonnaise, mustard, guacamole, basil pesto, and relish.


Cut fresh vegetable to size and season. Fresh veggies include lettuce, tomato, cucumber. There's also slaws, pickles, and olives.


Add protein like cheese, meat, tofu, egg, or hummus. Try to avoid very cold ingredients. If possible allow to come up to room temperature.

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