300 of the Best Workout Songs of All Time to Motivate You

Music is a great way to get the most out of exercising and also makes it much more enjoyable! Below are HUNDREDS of best classic workout songs, each song with BPM for maximum performance.

Beats per minute (bpm) allows you to synchronize the music with your exercise. The tempo of the music must concur with your preferred work rate. For example, if you were swimming using the breaststroke at a rate of 100 strokes per minute, it would be sensible to use music playing at 100 beats per minute (bpm). Alternatively, breast stroking at a rate of 60 strokes per minute a tempo of 120 bpm can be used as the swimmer can take one stroke every two beats. This also applies to running/ cycling etc. – match the rhythm of the music to the rhythm of your body. In terms of broader activities, in general cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and  exercises such as Yoga or Pilates  require very differently paced music – fast, medium and slow respectively.

You can match it to cadence (running: the number of steps per minute; cycling: the number of revolutions of the crankset per minute; swimming: the number of strokes per minute) or to heart rate – whatever works best for you.

When you feel like slowing down, the music can push you along because you are trying to keep up with the rhythm of the music, because it feels good.

There is a link between music and the attainment of flow state during aerobic exercise. Flow implies an altered state of awareness during physical activity during which the mind and body function on “auto-pilot” with minimal conscious effort. Some refer to this as being “in the zone”; it is an almost trance-like or hypnotic state. Flow has been associated with optimal psychological state and represents complete enjoyment of and immersion in physical activity. Once you get in the zone, you’ll know what we’re talking about. It is a great feeling and once you catch the bug – you’re hooked.

Click on “Song”, “Artist” or “bpm” to re-organsize the table to your liking. Find out the ideal bpm for the type exercise you are doing/ the speed at which you are exercising.


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