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Find out your unique nutrition needs.


Definition. Noun.
The process of providing the body with the food necessary for health and growth.

Step 1

The Building Blocks

Master the healthy eating basics. What makes up a healthy meal? Find out about carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. Aka macronutrients. Tap on each one to find out more.


The body’s main source of energy. It’s also where you load up on vitamins & minerals.


The building blocks of life. Vital for growth, repairing cells, and making new ones.


Virtually no calories. Hardly digested. And yet key for good health.


Fats help your body work properly. But some types are healthier than others.

Step 2

Your Carb Level

Find the right amount of carbs that works for you. Learn whether you should opt for a low-carb, moderate, or higher carb diet.

Step 3

Identify Your Unique Diet Needs

Choose a diet plan that works for you and takes your unique needs into account. From low-carb to low-glycemic; from Atkins to the Zone; from the latest diet to the Paleo Diet. You'll find it here.

Step 4: Know your

Portion Sizes

Portion sizes vary from person to person. The simplest way to tailor portion sizes to your calorie and nutritional needs is to us your hand. Unlike cups, spoons, and scales, your hands tend to be proportional to your body. This makes them your own personalized tool to track your portion sizes.

Each hand illustrates the equivalent of 1 portion for that food group.

Step 5

Master the Basics

Learn about some of the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating.

Step 6


Calculate your daily calorie needs, macronutrient ratio, and more with these easy to use diet calculators.


the essentials
Weight Loss

What you need to know about diet + weight loss.

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Ingredient Guide

The health benefits of your favourite foods. Plus how to buy, prep and store.

the essentials
Food x Fitness

Working out? Feed your body right. Here's how.


Looking to level up your nutrition with supplements or shakes?

+ Vitamins

Head here for info on protein powders, vitamins, diet pills, and more.


Step-by-step instructions on how to make smoothies from any ingredients, with charts, recipes, tips, and more.

So much more to


All the recipes in one place, with step-by-step instructions.

Food Charts

Visual guides that break things down and make it simple.


Calculators to convert cooking measurements.


How to buy, prep and store, plus health benefits.