10 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds & How to Eat Them

Chia seeds have been hailed a superfood. And you’re probably wondering whether it’s all hype or if there’s some truth to the panoply of health claims surrounding these seeds. Spoiler alert. Yes, they are worthy of the title!

The Best Vegan Protein Sources

No need to rack your brain: we take you through the the best meat-free and dairy-free protein foods, give you the low-down on the nutritional...

Vitamin Supplements You Need on a Vegan Diet

Vegan and vegetarian diets center around vegetables and fruits, which are rich in nutrients and boast many health benefits. However, plant-based diets also tend...

How to Follow the Paleo Diet on a Budget

Are you re-thinking your decision to try the Paleo diet because you’re afraid to break the bank? Eating paleo means eating high quality, fresh produce. But that doesn't mean it has to be expensive.

Is the Paleo Diet Healthy or Unhealthy?

The Paleo Diet might be super popular, but is it healthy? What does the science say? We look weight loss, heart health, diabetes, gut, skin issues and more.

Foods to Eat on the Paleo Diet

So which foods should you banish from your kitchen and more importantly, which ones can you eat? We break down the Paleo diet into a green, yellow and red light system.

The Paleo Diet – A Beginner’s Guide

This beginner's guide explains how to the Paleo diet works, its impact on health, and the best way to follow the Paleo diet. And a Paleo shopping list too!

What are superfoods?

With all the media hype going on with superfoods, you’ve probably heard of them. Often touted as miracle foods that can ward off a...

Best Milk Alternatives

Thinking of ditching dairy milk because you’ve joined the vegan gang? Or are you among those who believe that milk is oversold and that...

The Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is one of the cruciferous ("cross-bearing") vegetables whose petals are arranged to form the shape of a cross. Also called borecole, kale resembles...

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